Hello All~

I always forget how very interesting this place is. LJ, I mean. Good stuff. Beautiful, really. Thanks for the intro Miss Libby. Need to come around more often.

So, here is a link to info regarding the play I am in this month, as you requested. http://www.indiana.edu/~thtr/bcplay.html

I am playing Julia Leverett, Chairperson of the Cleveland Grand Opera Guild in Ken Ludwig's bedroom farce, Lend Me a Tenor.

I'll be in sequins, rhinestones, and grey wig complete with tiara.

We open this Friday, July 6 and run thru July 29. The playhouse is located in Nashville, Indiana, east of Bloomington.

Come see if you can.

Love to all,
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Listening to a friend's music and I can't believe the beauty. An emptiness comes over me. Who is this young woman? A mystery. My friend. Myself. When do we get to know who we really are? When do I get to feel worthy? Fear is a lonely place to be. And life, sometimes, is just too much. Too much.

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OMG I did a f@#*in' cut. Now If I could figure out how to use Gallery! Am I 'spose to download the program after signing up? Stupid question? I don't know, but I did an ljcut. I deserve a hug! Acutally, I think I deserve a hug just for being alive, for my mastery of the ljcut perhaps a martini.
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So many of my friends in the department are really excited about Zombie Prom!!!! Just wanted ou to know... <3
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Hmmmm...time slipping away. time wasted. waiting for the bus and my eyes can't read anymore. every time I go home I just want to go to bed. my house is a mess and i supposedly have carpet cleaners coming on friday. Ha! projects lingering in the back of my brain. hungry? go ahead eat them. my brains, i mean. much easier that way. snorkle. snorkle.