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Girliegig Burleyque

23 August 1968
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I am an actress who has recently quit the PhD program at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN in the Department of Theatre and Drama. I decided I would rather go to auditions than write another research paper. TOO MUCH STRESS! I am newly in love, like, and lust with a beautiful man in San Antonio, TX: Spider Mike. He totally gets me and is sexy as hell. My Sinful Cowboy. Anyway, I have a fab apartment where I live right next door to two beautiful young women: Libby and Willow. I am lucky as hell to have met them and love them with all of my heart. I live with two cats: Cleo Cleopatra (whose life motto is "Hate is the only way to love." and Machu Picchu whose name really is too big for him, poor little furry creature. When Mike joins me in Chicago, I hope he can give Chicchu some cajones. Yes, I am moving to Chicago come August to become the actress I am meant to be. And I'm being quite serious. I'm gonna have to front a little attitude if I'm gonna be successful, right? I'm just trying to love myself, you know? I hate the thought of leaving the beautiful little town of Bloomington and saying g'bye to my "family" here, but I've lived in LA and NYC and should be just fine. Besides, I'll have the love of my life by my side eventually, and we can conquer any obstacles together. Mmmm, I think my list of interests will give you more of an idea of who I am. Want to know more? Ask.... Peace

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